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Swimming Pools and Water Features

Water is a great feature to include in your lawn and backyard. Water elements can be incorporated in the design of a lawn to make it more appealing. A waterfall, pond, swimming pool, or an outdoor hot tub or a Jacuzzi can be added to your landscape. In Ohio, where we’re located, Lake Erie serves as our inspiration when creating water features. Michael & Sons creates stunning features that suit our clients’ needs and landscape themes. Take a look at some of the landscape water features we install.

Swimming Pools

The most common types of water features are swimming pools. There are different types of swimming pools, depending on the available areas, the types of soil, the materials used and the designs. The most affordable and the fastest to make is an above-ground pool. Whether you’re in Westlake or in Fairview Park, a swimming pool would be a great way to cool off during summer.

If you want a pool where you can swim a few laps, you can have a single lane or a three-lane swimming pool. For families with kids, either have a relatively shallow pool with no diving board, or a full-sized pool with a kiddie pool beside it. Full-sized pools might have cabanas beside them, where you can relax after swimming a few laps. You might also want to consider an outdoor shower, where you can rinse after a swim.


If you have a big driveway, you might want to consider a fountain. This can have any number of smaller water fountains and can be illuminated from below the waterline. You can have one installed at the front lawn, at the back, or at the center of a landscaped area.

A Hot Tub and a Jacuzzi

Technically speaking, a Jacuzzi is a brand of the tub with water jets. The jets not only make the water look like it’s boiling, but it is great for tired muscles. A hot tub, on the other hand, comes in different shapes and sizes, made from different materials, and can have water jets installed as well. Whichever of these water features you might want to have, it is important to remember that these are built with quality and aesthetics in mind. If you’re in Avon or in Euclid, a hot tub under a gazebo would be a great way to spend some time in the afternoon or early evening.

Ponds and Waterfalls

These water features are usually seen only in large backyards. In most cases, a pond is a natural part of the environment. Otherwise, it would be hard to maintain. A waterfall, on the other hand, can recycle water, in the same way that a fountain would. The only difference is that the waterfall uses a lot more water. This type of water feature could be part of a swimming pool, acting like curtains where it is flushed against a wall.

A Reliable Water-Feature Builder in Ohio

At Michael & Sons, we would be happy to assist you in the design and installation of a water feature for your Ohio property. We have the experience and the expertise in building ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and other structures in the landscape with a water element. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can make your water features work.



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