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Irrigation Systems

Everybody knows that maintaining a beautiful landscape is not an easy task. You have to ensure that all plants and grass get the right amounts of water to keep them green and healthy. To do this, you have to invest money for hoses and time for watering your plants and grass, or do it the easier way by having a sprinkler system installation and repair done to your property.

The Benefits of Sprinkler Installation

A sprinkler system might cost you a little more than buying hoses, but look at its many advantages:

  • Saves time. With a sprinkler system, you get to save a lot of time as you won’t have to water your plants and grass manually, one by one. All it takes is switching on the system and your landscape gets watered, giving you more time to spend with your family or simply relax.
  • Efficient use of water. A properly installed sprinkler system can water plants and grass up to a certain distance. It has automatic sensors that put sprinklers off once your landscape is fully irrigated. Thus saving you a great amount of water and money in the process.
  • Makes your landscape healthy. And because your landscape gets just the right amount of water, it won’t dry out from lack of water or drown from too much of it.

Trust the Experts for Your Sprinkler Installation

Most of the home and commercial property owners in Ohio are aware that sprinkler installation is a job best left to the experts in the area. First of all, these local companies are already familiar with the soil and the climate, so they know the correct type of sprinkler that works best for you. And, in the event that something goes wrong with it, they can be contacted easily for a sprinkler repair or for preparing your irrigation system before wintertime.

What We Offer

Michael & Sons ensure that our sprinkler installation is the most appropriate for your landscape. We take pains in choosing the best materials for you. We know the right type of devices that will be suitable for your specific landscape’s needs.

Once you call us, we will survey the area and study the water pressure so that we can suggest the correct valve and pipe sizes as well as different nozzle heads for the different areas of your landscape. And to ensure that the flexible pipes won’t break sooner, we apply a special type of primer.

We highly recommend the use of invaluable accessories, like:

  • Automatic rain sensors. These devices stop your sprinkler system from watering during rainy days, thus saving you a lot of water.
  • Various gears to attach, expand or repair valves. When chosen properly, these devices ensure effective water flow and usage.
  • Splash guards. These barriers prevent water sprays from spreading to unwanted areas, like your house or garage.

We also do sprinkler repair to those who already have existing systems that have issues, like broken timers, sprinkler heads, valves or pipes.

Allow Us to Do the Job for You

At Michael & Sons, we want to give you superior sprinkler system installation and repair because we know that you deserve nothing less than the best. Call us now for a free assessment.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of OH:
  • Avon, OH
  • Avon Lake, OH
  • Bay Village, OH
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Rocky River, OH
  • Westlake, OH
  • Strongsville, OH
  • Lakewood, OH
  • North Ridgeville, OH
  • Vermillion, OH
  • Sheffield Lake, OH
  • Olmsted Falls, OH
  • Broadview Heights, OH
  • Brecksville, OH